Iron of the Innocent Vol 2: Mistress of Agony

Iron of the Innocent: Mistress of Agony by Daniel Bastion is now available to be purchased.  Editions include Kindle, Nook, iBook, eBook, and print.

Book Description

Dreydan Ruin struggles with the turmoil in his life, so he decides to visit the family homestead. Prior to his departure, a letter and meeting to express his appreciation for his rescue results in a new friend with unexpected answers.

Tarn Silvershield returns from war only to find another adventure waiting for him. Joined by several companions, he sets out to seek a friend that may be in need.

Shydler Wresgoth finds himself exiled after his escape. Critically injured and weak, he lingers in convalescence until an inspector, investigating vicious murders, requests assistance. An arcane touched blade with a familiar pommel leads him to disturbing discoveries.

Dalora Blacksword arrives in Solorn. Confrontation forces her down a path that distracts and delays until the answers she seeks may slip from her grasp.

From within the mists of history, the harvest has ripened. Darkness gathers, fire rises, and the cup is filled. Yet, light and hope may be found in the depths of stone among the ruins.

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