Love for Fantasy…

My love for fantasy is deeply embedded in my life.

When creating characters, I like to explore their backstory and personalities, and one way I do that is looking at their lives as a whole.  I personally believe each of us has a seed of personality that begins in the womb, and that multiple variables and experiences will shape us over time.  It is an ongoing process from the beginning of life to the end.   Looking at others and myself while developing characters has been helpful, and I discovered that my love of fantasy, which has heavily shaped my life, goes all the way back to early childhood.

Visiting a local theater, one of my first exposures to fantasy was the 1981 movie, Dragonslayer.  Galen’s adventures with Valeria and Ulrich against the dragon Vermithrax left a long lasting impression on me.  Still one of my favorite portrayals of a dragon on film ever.  Reign of Fire and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit did well with the dragons.

Disney’s 1963 Sword in the Stone, the animated 1977 The Hobbit, 1981 movie Excalibur, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon (1983-1985), and Black Cauldron in 1985 all solidified my love for fantasy.   Wrapped into all of that was plenty of science fiction that drew me into the fold as well.  Star Wars does have swords after all.  🙂

I began reading books in early elementary, and by the summer after 5th grade I decided to read Tolkien.  In downtown Grandbury Texas, there was a store called ‘Books on the Square’.  The ladies were very nice and seemed excited that I was a young reader.  I worked with my father everyday for $5, and I spent just about all of it from that summer visit at that store.  I bought plenty of Choose Your Own Adventure books, Time Machine books, and a boxed set of The Lord of the Rings that included The Hobbit.

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Iron of the Innocent Vol 2: Mistress of Agony (Released!)

Iron of the Innocent: Mistress of Agony by Daniel Bastion is now available to be purchased.  Editions include various eBook formats and print.  Purchase page here.

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Iron of the Innocent – TDJ Interior Art Work

This art work appears in the print version of Iron of the Innocent Vol 1: The Dark Judge.  I decided to display them here on the web site since the eBook version is unable to handle them.

I’d like to thank Catavic for his interior artwork.  Translating and capturing my vision of characters is no easy task.

Olis Dreer and Tarn Silvershield

Shydler Wresgoth

Dreydan Ruin

Dalora Blacksword

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Area Map (Iron of the Innocent)

Unfortunately, the eBook is unable to handle/display a proper map for the story of Iron of the Innocent.  The print book has a black and white version, but I wanted to give readers the color version here.  Click on the map below to see the full size.

This is only a small portion of the world of Sacren.

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Received print copies of EVE Online: Vortex and Star Wars: Marooned today.  Always exciting to see printed work.  Unfortunately, these are not available to the public in print as they are fan fiction, but you can still read them for free (eBooks) on this site (epub, .pdf, or online).

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EVE Online: Vortex

Read now: .epub (favorite eReaders) or .pdf (Adobe Reader)

EVE Online: Chronicles of the Vortex is a collection of short stories by Daniel Bastion set in the EVE science fiction universe.  They were presented to the judges and capsuleer community during the yearly Pod & Planet Fiction Contest.

Included is the short story “Gauss” that won 1st place in the “8,000 Suns in New Eden” lore based category as well as five other prize winning entries (Corruption, Crossfire, Infiltration, Touch the Stars, and Dark Ripple).

“From the beginnings of the EVE Universe, its inhabitants were born into chaos, forever struggling to create order only to write a new chapter of discord in the annals of history.  Rising, clashing, and discovering, just to fall again as the machinations of their efforts and ambitions extend beyond their control.” – EVE Online

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Iron of the Innocent (Main Theme)

Composed by Nichal Aracchande.
Producers: Nichal Aracchande, Daniel Bastion

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