Daniel Bastion has a family and works in a non-literary career field. He has a lot of different interests and passions including writing, reading, and gaming.

Writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, poetry, the weird, and other tales that are seeded in his imagination.

Additional Pen Name(s): Daniel Blade (among others)




Iron of the Innocent Vol 1: The Dark Judge (here) [Fantasy Fiction]
Iron of the Innocent Vol 2: Mistress of Agony (here) [Fantasy Fiction]


Dust (here) [Horror Fiction]

Short Stories: 

In the Valley of the Gun (here) [Western Fiction]


Again and Again (here) [Poetry & Narrative]

Fan Fiction (free):

Star Wars: Marooned (here) [sci-fi novella]
EVE Online: Corruption (here) [sci-fi short story]
EVE Online: Gauss (here) [sci-fi short story]
EVE Online: Crossfire (here) [sci-fi short story]
EVE Online: Infiltration (here) [sci-fi short story]
EVE Online: Touch the Stars (here) [sci-fi short story]
EVE Online: Dark Ripple (here) [sci-fi short story]