Spinnie the Spider

White tile stretched far in one direction and another as the small spider looked around.  He ventured from the tiny hole next to his intricate web looking for something to eat.  Hunger poked at him.  The large bathroom was barren with no prey.

“You better get back here!  It’s too dangerous!” Gnatty said.

Spinnie spun around and eyed the gnat flittering about the opening to his home.  Gnatty got caught in his web a while back, and his chatty, humorous nature touched the spider.  So he decided not to eat him.  He wasn’t even big enough for a snack anyway.

“I know.  I know,” Spinnie said.  “You don’t have to get all worked up.  I’m not going far.”

The spider moved out a little further wondering if he should relocate.  His web was at the base of the sink beneath the lip of the cabinet.  If only one of those juicy mosquitoes would happen by.  That would make Spinnie very happy.

“Why did the spider cross the road?” Gnatty asked.


“To get to the idiot’s house.” Gnatty answered.

Spinnie paused and glanced back once more.  “That doesn’t make sense, Gnatty.”

“Knock, knock.” Gnatty said.

“Who’s there?”  Spinnie asked.

That gnat shook with laughter, rolling around in the air.  Spinnie’s feelers twitched one way, then another as the joke became clear.  Giving the gnat a short, fake laugh the spider suddenly shot out across the floor.  Running felt good.

Coming to a stop quite a distance from shelter, he felt pleased with himself.  Spinnie was a brave, courageous spider.  His run would show that stupid gnat.  He was not a spider to be trifled with when it came to danger.  He danced about, ready.

Then the massive bathroom door slammed open, striking the wall with a loud boom.

Spinnie stared upward in horror.  Maybe if he did not move, the giant standing there would not notice him.

Taking a ground shaking step, the giant’s vacant eyes roamed about coming to rest on the small spider.  They widened as Spinnie’s shape coalesced in the haze of his mind.

“Brabrabra badaloom dadobbi doboo!” George said.  The giant’s lips flapped back and forth as he sputtered and yelled.  The entirety of his heavy body jiggled and wiggled as he took a thumping step back.  His big hands twitched and began to curl into fists.

Spinnie dashed forward a moment in panic, running the wrong direction away from his small home.  Stopping he spun around looking for safety.

Gnatty screamed in his high pitched voice.

“Dabba doobie doom!” The giant’s words drifted off as the great beast roared, shaking Spinnie out of his frozen position.

The spider leapt forward running as fast as his eight little legs could carry him.  The distant lip of the sink’s cabinet was so far away.

“Run Spinie!” Gnatty yelled.

Spinnie ran faster as the quivering giant moved forward with lumbering steps.  George roared again giving a great battle cry, sending a wide foot down at the small spider.  The shadow of it swallowed Spinnie, slamming into the ground.

“No!” Gnatty cried.

Spinnie jumped once more at the last second, and the foot slammed into the ground just behind him.  The rushing air pushed him along a little further, but the kinetic energy washed over him like a wave making him nauseous.

The beast roared again!

BOOM!  A meaty hand slapped into the ground just in front of Spinnie, the giant’s aim going askew once more.  The shock wave rolled across the spider stunning him into stillness, sliding backward slightly.  The hand went up again, flying back down!

“Spinnie!” Gnatty screamed.

The spider’s legs moved almost on their own, projecting Spinnie toward home.  He could see the detail of the opening and the light reflecting from his perfect web.  Gnatty’s terrified eyes and open mouth yelling his name flashed into the spider’s groggy mind.

BOOM!  The giant’s hand smashed into him, sending hot, red pain through Spinnie’s vision.  Lancing trauma tore into his sides as he flew toward his web.  The extreme acceleration seemed slow, but in that instant it really did not matter.

The giant stood back up breathing heavily, muttering and sputtering.  A pleased look filled his features as he eyed the great, white toilet.  Walking over, he pulled down his drawers and plopped down on the seat with a satisfied grunt.

“Daboom, doobie doobie doom!” George roared.  The giant waved his arms around then pumped one in victory.

To be continued…

Author’s note:   I wrote the first version of this story back around 1991 as an experiment to see if I could impact people’s emotions with writing.  I got a wide spectrum of reactions… positive, negative, and indifferent.  🙂  I updated the story slightly, adding Gnatty as a cast member as well as giving George some dialogue.  haha

You can read this story on StoryFire as well.


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