Grinlee the Spider

White tile stretched far in one direction and another as the small spider looked around.  He ventured from the tiny hole next to his intricate web looking for something to eat.  Hunger poked at him.  The large bathroom was barren with no prey.

“You better get back here!  It’s too dangerous!” Gnatty said.

Grinlee spun around and eyed the gnat flittering about the opening to his home.  Gnatty got caught in his web a while back, and his chatty, humorous nature touched the spider.  So he decided not to eat him.  He wasn’t even big enough for a snack anyway.

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Iron of the Innocent: Standing the Wall

Happy Friday!

I have recently joined the StoryFire app created by Jesse Ridgeway and Brian Spitz.  StoryFire is a group and solo storytelling platform.  I thought it would be fun to write some flash fiction on the app to interact with my readers and get to read their work too.  This scene below is my first story on there.  You can download the app from Apple or the Google store.  Stay lit!  🙂

Author’s Note: This additional scene takes place during  Chapter 24 of Mistress of Agony (Iron of the Innocent, Volume 2).  These characters do not appear in the novel.  Spoiler warning!  I recommend reading this after you read that chapter.  Click below being fully informed.

274 I.C.
Solorn Kingdom
Solorn Province
City of Clendon

Characters: Evtaf, Linsei, and Mersius

Stone and mortar, the city wall was a heavy barrier against the danger beyond.  It was wide enough to walk and fight.  Its edifice tall enough to keep out the unwanted, and its parapets designed to protect those willing to die to keep it secure.

Three soldiers assigned on the east side for their duty shift stood their post.  The night felt tense, and the black, threatening clouds came closer.  One of the soldiers sniffed the air and rubbed his face.  Rain was coming, and the thought made him feel even more miserable.  He grumbled to himself.

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On Magic…

The concept of magic is mythological, ancient, and has developed up into our contemporary times.  No one really has an answer to the exact nature of magic or where the idea began in history.  It may simply be an answer to explain what some people did not understand long ago.  Human beings are quite creative with expansive imaginations, so someone, somewhere, came up with the idea at some point in the ancient past.  Their motivations, reasons, and purposes are unknown, lost in time.

Historically, the use of the concept has taken on many iterations in human society for better or worse.  In some cases to invoke fear in enemies (important to some in a brutal, dangerous world), to deceive (one reason for religious objections), gain prosperity (cha-ching!), to feel protected from the unknown/unseen, gain favor (or love!), or as a way for some people to feel empowered (I’m strong!).  Others have a desire to feel important by gaining some secret knowledge or ability that others do not have.  One example today driven by the prosperity motivation are illusionists.  They use illusion and slight of hand to entertain a paying audience.

In the end, we know that magic is simply not real.  Nope, not real at all.

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EVE Online: Dark Ripple

Read now: .epub (favorite eReaders) or .pdf (Adobe Reader)

Caldari Space
The Forge region
Etsala Constellation

Volatile energy and scorching heat flowed from the star, wrapping around the shield’s outer surface with incredible pressure.  Cloaked against sensors, scanners, or prying eyes, the six-winged craft refracted the light, holding the radiation and burning chaos away.  Within the protective fields and surrounded by advanced technology, a capsuleer waited, intimately connected to every system of her anchored ship.

Multiple hours drifted by as she patiently watched.  Yet, she did not study the massive, stellar inferno to her aft.  Those days passed some time ago.  Instead, her attention focused in the direction of a structure far in the distance as data fed directly into her mind from multiple probes.  The pack of technological devices sniffed and listened with keen senses sending their encrypted, silent signals to their matron.

When her watch began, Ari marveled at the large amount of irrelevant information caused by the busy, large star system, but she quickly sifted, adjusted, and positioned her probes to the exact location she needed.  The stream of ships coming and going from the station kept a portion of her enhanced mind occupied as she looked for a particular signature.

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Dust (Released!)

Dust by Daniel Bastion is now available to be purchased.  Editions include various eBook formats and print.  Purchase page here.

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Mailing List and Free eBook

Hello there fellow fantasy lovers and readers!  I hope you are having a wonderful day so far.  It is Friday!  Which, is always a good feeling kind of day.

I want to make it better!

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Iron of the Innocent (Series Development)

Development of Iron of the Innocent began a long time ago and continues up until now.  The world and many of the characters are 25-33 years old, having been first conceived in the mid 80s.  In 1988, I began playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition.  Stepping into the role of dungeon master required the continued development of a world, lore, NPCs, kingdoms, maps, and everything else that was needed for the characters to explore.  My imagination burned bright.  While AD&D inspired me to flesh out my story ideas, AD&D is only a system of rules to play a game based in the vivid imagination of the player(s).

As I mentioned in my last post, my first character was a  mage and I named him Dragas Blackwind.  That was also the name of my character in the Ultima game series I played back in the mid 80s.  He does make an appearance in the books, and it was quite enjoyable to write him.   Tarn Silvershield, Olis Dreer, Shydler Wresgoth, Tarak Ordain, Shanora Naur, Verdrin Solorn, Sartonius Walsh and others were all player characters designed to interact in the created world.  I also played them in other various game worlds too as avatars.

Sacren itself is a vast world with multiple continents and oceans.  Making and designing maps was sparked from Tolkien’s wonderful map of Middle Earth.  One of my favorite cartographers (map artist!) was Karen Wynn Fonstad.  She was an incredible atlas designer who mapped out Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and others.  You can find her work here on Amazon.  I spent hours going over her books, and she definitely inspired my own map making.

It has been a long wonderful road to get here, and I look forward to writing much more in this series.  I hope you as the reader and audience join me!  🙂

I always enjoy hearing from you, so feel free to email or leave feedback.  You can also join my email mailing list for news and special offers.  Check out the contact page.

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